Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gift Wrapping ...

I'm usually done shopping and wrapping early in December. It seems like Christmas just snuck up on me this year. I did manage to wrap most everything at one point, then ran out of paper. I'm finally finishing up today! Since I chose to stick with a natural tree, I just wrapped my gifts with kraft paper and raffia. Hardly a novel concept since its everywhere these days but its also very economical. I made my own gift tags with a punch I already had. It was probably $5 worth of materials for all my gifts.

I understand that Ikea actually sells white kraft paper and I would have preferred that but there was simply no time to trek to Ikea. So, are you done wrapping? How do you wrap your gifts? Do you coordinate them with your tree or just pick paper you like?


  1. I think they turned out great, even if not white =) I usually just pick whatever paper I like and it's usually really colorful. But I will keep this idea in mind for next Christmas.

  2. The look wonderfully natural. I just pick paper I like every year - and I have to start wrapping in a few minutes!


  3. I used the Ikea white's just they're roll of paper sold in the kids section for use with their easels. It rips much easier than regular wrap, though, so ya gotta be kinda careful. It also isn't completely opaque, so letters on boxes and such show thru.

    I love your natural kraft paper and raffia, though. Might stick with that next year. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Cindy, Thank you for the information on the Ikea paper. For some reason, I thought it was thicker like the brown paper. If its really just thin paper, I think I may stick with brown as well. ;-)

  5. i did the same thing this year for the first time! but i got a little creative and added some sayings with alphabet stamps. generic "peace, love, joy, hope, faith" on family gifts, and a little more personal on the hubby's check it out!
    merry christmas to you!

  6. If you have a Michael's anywhere near you, they sell white kraft paper. I wrap all of my gifts in it and embellish it with different fabric ribbons to dress it up a bit. Eminently practical and just a bit sophisticated.


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