Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow!

Here's the scene in my yard taken just a little while ago - 13" of snow and still coming down.
This is really unsual for where I live in Northern Virginia. I grew up in NY and I love snow so its exciting to have snow like this. The unfortunate part is that officials seem less equipped to clear the roads so I'm not sure how long I'll be house-bound. I'd planned to take my Wild One to her first movie today, but the roads are just impassible. I'll probably take her Christmas Day instead. On a positive note, my house is clean, I made mint chocolate covered cookies, dinner is ready for the oven, I've watched all my DVR shows, laundry is well under way and I'm hoping to finish gift wrapping tonight. Nothing like a blizzard to help one catch up!

For contrast, here's the same spot in my yard back in May ...

Have a good weekend and if you're in the path of the storm, stay safe!


  1. wow, i live in alexandria, but I am in upstate NY right now - Even though it looks pretty much the same here, I am glad that we are missing the snow down there.

  2. We had a beautiful snow here in Greensboro last night too. Enjoy and stay warm! BTW I would have never guessed the two pictures were of the same location ;)

  3. We have snow on the way here in New York State - since we're a bit inland, I think we're getting 8 inches tonight and overnight! The tree lights are on, the outside lights are on and tomorrow we shovel!


  4. Neat snow! We are getting it here (SE PA) too! It's lovely. We haven't seen snow like this in years. it will be fun to venture out this evening for our neighbor's Christmas open house. Hubby cleaned a path to the street then we are on our own.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. Thirteen inches here (NJ) and still snowing! I was supposed to get my Christmas tree today!

  6. That looks like snowman making snow! Our snow is too dry to make snowmen....most of the time at least. Good on you for getting so much done today, too bad that you had to cancel the plans to go and see the movie though.

  7. Lovely! Truly an enchanted place to be... although to be truthful to my self, I much rather prefer the view of your "magical" May gardens ;) Have a joyful and blessed Christmas



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