Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashion of Another Time

I stumbled across a website yesterday ~ Vintage Textile ~ that sells vintage clothing which dates as far back as the 18th century. What amazing stuff they have!

Not so old, but I LOVE this dress from c.1960. It would be so wearable today. In fact, I think this one might even fit me.

Just look at the beading ... If only I had a party to go to.

I think most white wedding dresses look the same (which is why I ended up with a green wedding dress) but this dress made me want to get married again. Its simple, but the bodice is so pretty with all the lace and pearls. It dates to c.1908.

How about some shoes to go with that dress? c.1890

Hand embroidered tea dress - c.1905. So delicate and feminine.

I love the color of this dress from the 1870s ... Look at how vibrant it is even after so many years.

Look at this nightgown from the 1930s ... So glamorous!

Accessories? How about this Enamel hair ornament, c.1900.

Its amazing to me that things like this survive. We live in such a "throw-away" society that its nice that things like this are still around. I had such fun browsing and dreaming of life in other eras so I thought I'd share.


  1. That top dress is great. Looks like a Jackie O dress. What a fun place you found.

  2. those dresses! I wish clothes still looked like that!

  3. wow!! dresses of the old days are much better than now!! now all dresses are the same which is so disgusting!! all backless and that's it!!
    the first dress is remarkably beautiful!! i can wear it now so easy!! really an ever lasting charm!


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