Friday, February 5, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm ...

The sun is just starting to come up here this morning and we're bracing for a huge storm. 18-24" expected. That's a lot no matter where you live but its a huge deal here. People cleaned out the stores here yesterday. You could not get parking spots or shopping carts at the supermarkets. I love the snow, but its much nicer when you live in an area that doesn't fly into a full-fledged panic. This is one reason I wish I could move north where snow doesn't mean the world has to stop.

As much as I love snow and I'm thrilled to see the snow-covered trees again, I wish it did not happen this weekend. My little one turns 2 on Sunday and its going to put a little damper on our celebration. We'll be having cake today because we'll never be able to get it on Sunday on the unplowed roads. The last time we had a storm of this magnitude (18") it was left to mother nature to take care of the snow instead of a plow. Thank goodness for all-wheel-drive.

Anyone else expecting snow? Do they handle it any better where you are?

More laundry room progress pictures coming this weekend ...


  1. We don't get too much snow here in Mississippi but when we do, it is usually caos. People start stocking up on food, batteries,etc. I don't mind it too much. It's just better to be prepared ahead of time and not have to worry about it. I hope your little one has a great birthday. Stay warm.
    I forgot where you live and I didn't see it on your profile.

    Lee Laurie

  2. 18-24" IS a lot of snow .... and I live in Wisconsin! We have effective ways of removing and dealing with the snow, though, so there's no panic.

  3. i'm with you. My in-laws up north laugh at the panic that ensues down here, but no one is prepared and the county doesn't plow fast enough so it becomes a big deal.

  4. Your tulips are gorgeous. Enjoy the snow and Happy Birthday to your son. Hugs, Marty

  5. Yes, some of us do handle it better but only because we have too. lol Buffalo, NY
    if you have to go out, blankets, water and food in your car. Good luck and remember Spring has not been canceled this year. :)

  6. We are expecting snow too and I'm a little tired of it..but the sun is shining today for the first time in almost weeks!!! So today I'm feeling grateful!

    Miss Bloomers

  7. I'm in Northern Virginia just south of D.C. I grew up in NY where snow is no big deal. While I think the panic is unnecessary, I also understand why people panic. When it snows over a foot and your roads are ignored, it makes life very difficult (and dangerous).

    I still love the snow! ;-)


  8. Hoping little one's birthday goes well!
    We are used to snow here, but funny enough we have not had to deal with a lot of snow this year....yet. Living in southern Ontario, Canada, snow is something we are very used to. We still get some crazies who forget how to drive as soon as we get a bit of snow though. Frustrating!

  9. What a beautiful and serene picture.
    That is a huge amount of snow. We hardly get snow in my part of Texas. I think we'd close have to close this city. hee hee.


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