Monday, February 15, 2010

Office (Under Constuction)

Well, it seems that I'm working on two projects at once now. My laundry room still needs work, but my dad is coming for a few days to help me finish up some of the non-fun part which is the ceiling drywall. I'm also waiting for material to make a sink skirt for the sink.

In the meantime, I decided to start painting my office and I ended up finishing it. Since I was painting over tan, it looked scary at first, but now that its done we both love it. The lighting isn't so great in this picture, but the color is like a Tiffany box bluish turquoise.

I still have quite a bit to do including hanging shelves and possibly getting a large bookcase (still undecided) but I'll share the results once I'm done. My plan is to have both projects completely finished before the end of the month which is fast approaching.

P.S. I'm sure there will be tan lovers that will give me the old, "I liked it better before." but that's OK! I know its not for everyone. I know people out there like the sort of "model home tan" but I'm just not one of them.


  1. I'm not a tan lover, so I love the new color! (Maybe because my parents' walls were always tan, who knows?)


  2. You won't hear any complaints out of me about the change because I am definitely NOT a lover of most browns, beiges or tans. I do LOVE this color 'tho! It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see more. :) won my 100th post giveaway! If you will email me your address I'll get the mug set out to you ASAP. I hope to announce you are the winner on my blog before the end of the week but I'm suffering from a serious case of no motivation and can't seem to bring any posts to completion. ;)

  3. I love blues - any shade of them, so you definitely improved the office in my opinion.

    I also wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway on my blog - in honour of the Olympics. Just wanted to invite you to stop by.


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