Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Office Work

I'm still working on my office and completion is delayed. I'd hope to have an extra hand this week to pick up my bookcase and a few other things, but my kids are sick and I don't want to spread the plague to another person.

I always meant to share this little guy I picked up and just remembered him as I was in the office. I picked him up in Delaware last summer and used him briefly as a soap dish before it got too messy and it got repurposed into a business card holder and a place to put my tags.

I'll be sharing what I've completed soon. Also, it looks like I'm approaching 400 followers (thank you all!) and I haven't had a giveaway in a while. I'll be giving away something anyone will be able to use. Stay tuned ...


  1. Hi Melanie- that is an adorable idea for a card holder!

  2. Too bad that cutie made mush of the soap...he would be at home in any bathroom...but he does make a cute card holder.

  3. What a cute idea for your business cards!
    :o) Trish

  4. You have enough shells to sort them by type - I'm impressed. Love the little birdie too. Looking forward to seeing the office.

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better. My 11 year old had perfect attendance until he missed the past 3 days of school because of a major throat infection. Now we have dust storms which doesn't help matters. Ugh! Love your little birdie dish -- I am sure it is much better used as a business card holder. Wishing you all the best, Tammy


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