Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm having guests ...

Yesterday, I got a call and was reminded that my mom and grandparents were coming over today. I had completely forgotten. Panic. Luckily between yesterday and today, I've managed to finish painting my kitchen, cleaning up, planning dinner, making appetizers, clearing out some stuff for donation and planting my pansies outside. Nothing like the unexpected to light a fire under me.

I also set my table for dinner ... (I need to add one more place setting but even my little ones have a spot with their plastic dishes and pink napkins on the far side of the table.)

The napkins came from a little shop in DE and they're perfect for today. Its supposed to be in the 70s and I'm absolutely thrilled!


  1. Melanie, oh so fresh and springy! I'm sure your guests will love it and love you for your hospitality.

  2. What a pretty table it is. So sweet to have the children their own little section as well.

  3. You sure did accomplish a lot! You are lucky to be able to have both your parents and grandparents to share dinner. Enjoy your day, your table looks lovely and fresh.

  4. My goodness, you really have been busy. Sounds like me with refinishing the dining table. I can put another coat of stain on at 9PM tonight and then tomorrow I can give it a couple of coats of the Poly. I have company coming on Sunday. I need this done. You did so much and I am only working on one little table. Congratulations. Have a great time. Hugs, Marty

  5. Looks very pretty. Are those English Countryside dishes from Mikasa? I love your napkins too.

    Lee Laurie

  6. You have inspired me to have an interest in milk glass! I find myself looking for it now.
    The table looks sweet!
    Enjoy your time with the family.

  7. The table setting looks so beautiful! I'm sure your guest were thrilled to sit at this table with you. It must have made them feel so special.
    Patricia :o)

  8. It kind of kills me when I have unexpected guests coming over (or even guests that I'm expecting) but I love the end results, with the house clean, food on the table, and a pretty table set. Yours looks lovely and springy. I hope you had a nice visit.


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