Monday, March 22, 2010

March Garden

A month ago, the front of my house was piled with snow taller than I am so I had to smile as I left my house this morning, and noticed how quickly things can change. I didn't have a chance to take my own photos but thought I'd share what is blooming in my yard.

Last week it seemed like the little green stems of my daffodils were just emerging from the ground but this morning, I saw their sunny flower faces greeing me.


I have heather blooming ...

... that sits in front of some euonymous plants. I like the yellow and purple combination.


I transplanted some forsythia last year and while its not yet as established and beautiful as this, it has also started to bloom.


Roses are leafing out by the day, tulips are growing by the minute, sedum appeared out of nowhere and even my mums are beginning to reemerge. That's just in front of my house. I spent the weekend in the back hauling compost, mulch and raking out my beds. It felt like pointless work there where the only signs of life are the teeny points of hostas poking through, insignificant bits of green on hydrangeas and hyacynths not yet in bloom, but I know that it won't be long before that area is as full of life as the front.

Welcome Spring!


  1. I love seeing the garden emerge in the spring. It never fails to be exciting. You must be about a month ahead of us here as we only have daffodil/tulip leaf tips emerging, pussywillows out, and some crocuses. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your garden.

  2. Hi Melanie..
    loving your springy post..
    still have snow in the back yard..
    no tulips or daffys up yet..
    the tiniest of leaf buds on my roses..
    BUT..I can feel spring in my veins..
    as well as in the air!
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..

  3. My bulbs are starting to come up and I see green on the rosebushes. I can't wait for spring flowers!

  4. I'm excited about spring too. My roses are making new green leaves and have daffodils and my plum trees are blooming. I love when everything starts coming to life again!

    Lee Laurie

  5. I wanted to let you know that your Blog is amazing...I love all that you have done with your home.


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