Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lighting up the Fireplace

With record-breaking temperatures in the area, I'm not actually lighting a fire in my fireplace, but I'm endlessly working on making it brighter and less of a black hole. The screen in front of the fireplace was an attept to keep little hands away from the stove insert. Fail. We ended up having to put a gate across the entire wall but we recently removed it. I'm painting the screen today.

With warmer temperatures, I added the lantern, a vase of shells, the starfish and a frame that happened to have a lighthouse in it. I'm hoping to have my own beach photo in there this summer. Because its so warm, the paint on the screen won't be dry today. I'll share it tomorrow.


  1. Love the look Melanie! You are so clever!!


  2. what exactly did you do to your brick My brick is dark and I hate it but dont want to simply paint it.


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