Monday, May 17, 2010

Biltmore Gardens

Okay, so I shared my experience at the Biltmore house and here's what I saw of the gardens ...

I already posted this beautiful covered walkway and it looks like its in the walled garden, but I can't remember for sure.  It was a nice shady escape from the hot sun.

I chose a path and as I walked along saw this hillside covered in flowers ...

... a bunch of hostas beneath a tree ...
... this flower (dianthus?) was everywhere and I loved the flowers that are behind it ...
... took these steps down ...
... and entered another garden.  As you can see in the foreground, all the tulips were long gone.  I'm sure they were impressive when they were blooming.

There were quite a few workers tending to the gardens here.

I loved this single iris with creeping jenny below it.

Lots more irises!

A view into the rose gardens. 
I couldn't help but notice this lone little guy stuck in the rock wall of such a massive garden.

I liked the single strip of grass bordering here.  I loved all the roses and took tons of pictures of my favorites to see how easy each one is to grow in my own garden.  Sadly, the white roses below were not labeled.
Salvia, sage and an allium next to a bench in front of the Conservaory.
Speaking of the Conservatory ...

This was just inside ...

Wine anyone?

There were several places to sit like this ...

This was one of my favorite things in the gardens.  I loved the blue and purple of the hydranges with the silver of the dusty miller.  I have a lot of blues and purples on my front walk this year and I think I'm going to try dusty miller with it after seeing this.
Unfortunately, just like the house, my visit ended here.  My kids had had enough and needed naps.  Even though I hadn't seen the bass pond or azalea gardens, it was time for me to go.  To be perfectly honest, as beautiful as the gardens were, I found them a little sparse.  I wonder if they are fuller at other times of the year or if they fill them in as the season progresses.  I have been to more local gardens that have more of a "wow" factor but it was still beautiful nonetheless.  I mean, I can't resist a beautiful garden.

Some of you mentioned getting postcards, books or searching online ... I did find a few public images and I thought about purchasing a book but often what is illustrated are photos of the entire rooms where so much of the detail is lost.  For example, how often have you seen pictures of the Biltmore at a distance?  Now consider how many times you've seen pictures like those I posted of the lanterns, window details, the knight on the house.  I would have loved to take photos of the flowers and figures on the fireplace surrounds, the antiques on the desks, etc.  The big cavernous rooms are less impressive to me than the little things.

I did manage to do a little shopping which I'll share in my next post.


  1. Two times of the year when the garden is full are Easter and in July.

    My family used to meet at Biltmore House and Gardens every Easter. The bulbs in the gardens are incredible! I used to say, I don't have to go to Holland because I have been to Biltmore.

    July the gardens are full of annuals and COLOR! That's when you get the most spectacular pictures of the garden.

    But Biltmore House is the best in December when decorated for Christmas! You have to go back and take the candlelight tour! You will love it! Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures at night. I guess the flashing cameras would ruin the candlelight. :-)

    I so enjoy your blog. Very excited to see pics of someplace I had visited. Have a great week!


  2. Thanks for the memories Melanie...
    I adored our visits there.
    Sounds like it was really warm!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Hello! How fabulous to be able to visit that magnificant home & gardens! I can only see it in magazines :( Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos for us to see.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog as I have announced my first Giveaway today! There are 3 opportunities to enter it :)

    Have a lovely week, warmest, Brenda

  4. Those are some of the prettiest irises I've seen, especially the white with blue/purple edges.


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