Thursday, May 27, 2010

London Calling

At Christmas my brother and I decided to surprise our parents with a trip to London and Scotland since this October marks their 40th anniversary.  They decided to take their trip in May and they just returned last week.  They brought me some new threads for Grace!

The apron has the classic double-decker bus on the front ...

... Big Ben on one side ...

... and Parliament on the other side.

I was trying to think of something British that we celebrate here in the U.S. during which I could display this but can't think of anything so I'm just going to leave it on now. 
My parents had such a great time and have so many photos of their travels.  They very narrowly escaped London for a flight to Edinburgh after the infamous ash cloud grounded flights again.  My favorite places they visited were the gardens in Kensington Palace and Loch Ness.  My parents took a cruise of Loch Ness and their pictures really showed how beautiful it is there.  My dad said that he never thought he'd see where Nessie lived in his lifetime.  They had a great time and they deserved it.  I'm pretty happy with my apron too!


  1. I know some American's like to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on Nov 5th. My bro-in-law always has a big party and watches V for Vendetta every year.

  2. Wow, I'm sure they were thrilled! I would love to go to London!

    I am in love with that apron! It is so neat!

  3. Lovely apron. I love the splash of red.

  4. So glad your parents had a good time. Love that apron - Grace looks fabulous!


  5. Love your apron. I did a double-take when I saw it was for 'Grace' - so nice of your parents to bring me something. The apron looks perfect on your 'Grace'.

  6. I love your apron and I adore London. I have a friend that lives in London and her friend took us on a personal tour of interesting! I love that you have a dress form to display your special apron. I hope I find a dress form someday!

  7. What a special gift to give your parents....and how wonderful that they're still together after forty years. I'm sure that took a lot of give and take over the years and deserves a special celebration!

    Love the apron with it's cute graphics.

    Warm blessings,

  8. The apron is soooo cute, and your home is adorable!


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