Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beautiful Visitor in the Garden

This morning as I frantically searched everywhere for my shed paint samples (still needed to buy 1 color) I happened to walk past one of my plants in bloom on my way to search the shed and saw this beautiful butterfly having a snack.

I approached it very carefully so that I could take pictures and not scare it away, but it seemed pretty occupied with its meal.  I have no idea what kind it is but it was so pretty ... black with a bit of blue and white.

  I did finally find the paint samples and have all my paint.  Two days and no rain in the forecast so I'm hoping to be done today or tomorrow.  I'm currently blogging while I wait for my littlest one to fall asleep.  I'm ready to wrap up this project!


  1. That is a beauty you found - it was very nice of it to stay still so you could get a photo or two. What kind of bush is it on? The yellow flowers are a perfect contrast with the black of the butterfly.

  2. What a beautiful butterfly!


  3. What a beautiful visitor! Love its colors.

  4. Grace,
    Its called a Ligularia. Its a great plant that tolerates full dry shade and I've had it for a few years but this is the first year its bloomed so well. It didn't bloom the first year. I put it in the ground and the slugs decimated it the following 2 years so I put it back in a pot and surrounded it with eggshells to deter the slugs and now it looks great!



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