Friday, July 23, 2010

Kitchen Color

Back in March, I painted my kitchen changing it from tan to cream.  If you followed my project you might remember how I desperately wanted green but I simply could not find paint that worked with the wood tone of the cabinets and the tan backsplash.  Here is the result ...

I love blue, but blue has taken over my life from what I choose for my home to what I wear.  I seriously need therapy for blue OCD so I'm really trying to make an effort to choose other colors.  I've always intended for the main accent colors in my house to be blue and green.  When the green paint failed, I thought of changing the kitchen chairs to green and several of you agreed.  So, here they are ...
I'm considering aging these a bit with stain, but I think I'm going to leave them for now.  Its supposed to be at or near 100 degrees here today and tomorrow and stain will be impossible to work with and will never dry.

I'm also considering a valance for over the kitchen sink and over the sliding door that has blue, white and green in it.  I think that would finally tie the entire first floor together.


  1. I love the green chairs with the creamy walls. A valance over the sliding doors would look very nice.
    Great job!

  2. You choose a great color!


  3. I think the green looks great - although green is my favorite color so I'm slightly biased :)

  4. The green is very pretty and the fabric will tie the colours in nicely.

  5. I love the blue but I must agree the green just seems to fit better. Maybe it was the shade of blue that wasn't quite right. But this green "rocks"!

  6. love the green chairs! I am trying to do a blue and green kitchen as well:)


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