Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Apron from New England

Greetings from the absent blogger!  ;-)

We just returned from a trip to New England and I thought I'd share a little something I came across.  When we were traveling around Vermont we passed through a town called St. Johnsbury and I was beyond excited to pass an apron store.  I returned the next day (sans kids) and saw so many pretty ones.  It was so hard to choose!  Here's one I picked up ...

Its a magnolia print with a botanical print on the pockets and tie.  I couldn't resist the matching tea cozy.

I've been wanting a tea cozy for a while but nothing jumped out at me.  I really love things that match (who doesn't?) so not only did I get a cute apron, but I also got the tea cozy.

This actually was my second selection that I chose just as I was leaving.  My first purchase was another that you'll have to tune back in for in the fall. 

I'm off now to do more of this ...

(That's me at my incredibly fun show in June.)

Have a great week!

Edit - I forgot to add a link to where I purchased the aprons.  Its called Vermont Apron Company and they have a store online but the brick and mortar store was so much more fun to visit and there was a lot more available there.


  1. Amazing that someone can make a living just selling aprons. You chose a lovely one. I love that photo of you doing your dance - a look of pure joy on your face.

  2. Lovely apron! Enjoyed your photos!

  3. Grace,
    I thought the same thing! The owner said that when they first opened, they were the least likely to succeed but now they're the most successful. Now I wonder if there are any other apron stores.

    Thank you for the compliment on the picture. We were advised to smile big and it felt exaggerated but true to their word, it doesn't look as silly as it feels. ;-)

    ~ Melanie


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