Monday, July 19, 2010

On to a smaller project ...

Yesterday when I was looking down at my shed and taking pictures to post here, I realized that the little bistro table there is barely visible.  Its shady here and between the lack of light and the faded black color of the pieces, they're hardly noticible.  The tabletop is granite and has also weathered. 
I think some Heirloom White on the base of the table and the chairs might brighten things up a little more.  One project ends but there's always another one waiting to be completed.  It really never ends, does it?


  1. I love the way the shed turned out! It looks so charming.


  2. The shed is really cute! What about using that red on the garden table?

  3. The shed is adorable, and I think you're absolutely right - the bistro table would look great in white (or red)...and the projects never end.


  4. I considered red, but if I move the table elsewhere, I thought it might not work so I figured white might be the most neutral solution that would also brighten things up and bring out the white in the plants.

  5. I think white would be a great idea. I agree that it would really bring out the white in the plants and it would really just shine in white!

  6. I bet the chairs and table would look fantastic in the same red color paint you used on the shed!

  7. The shed turned out really lovely, Melanie! Inspires me to do something with ours! Great project!

  8. First off, I love your shed. My husband wants to add windows to my shed so I'll be showing him this picture.

    White or bright yellow would work for the table.


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