Friday, September 3, 2010

Date Night

A couple of kind souls took pity on me and my husband and offered to babysit for us tonight.  Nights out are usually few and far between for us without family nearby so we're pretty excited.  I'm hoping that the cupcakes I made will convey my gratitude. 

I saw Giada DeLaurentiis make this cake on her show ages ago and I've loved it from the first time I tried it.  I decided to make cupcakes this time instead of a layer cake. Its simple since it just uses a store-bought mix, but the deliciousness lies in the mascarpone cheese frosting. Its topped with a chocolate-sugar topping.  I omitted the hazlenut brittle in the frosting this time.

I hope they enjoy the snack ... and maybe I'll try just one. 

I hope everyone out there enjoys their last weekend of summer!


  1. Oh you're so sweet! I'm sure they will love them (and devour them). We don't get many date nights either, maybe one or two a year at the most, since like you we don't have any family that lives nearby. It makes those few nights out even more special don't you find? Enjoy!

  2. They look to pretty to eat! I know they will just love them!


  3. Speaking as one of the kind souls....NOM NOM NOM!!! If you are going to tempt me like this, we are going to have to make this a monthly gig. :-)

  4. The flowers look beautiful. Funny how sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference.Frances

  5. Gotta love date night, hope ya'll had a great time!!!! And I love Giada - that cupcake looks divine!!

  6. I would babysit for those. They look wonderful.


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