Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rug Failure

Isn't this beautiful?  Its the porch of the blogger who writes Cote de Texas.  Her home and blog are far more grand than mine but I came across this photo on a rug hunt.  See the blue striped rug on the table? 

I have been searching for a runner for my upstairs hallway and finally found the rug above as a runner.  I thought ... Ooooh!  Perfect!  I excitedly ordered the rug immediately.  Success, right?  Not so much.  I just got a phone call that its backordered until December!  Now what?  Do I wait or give up?


  1. I would wait it out too! Very pretty!

  2. Oh, it's always worth the wait for the "perfect" item!
    I love your new blog look too!

  3. Definately don't give up! Can you find something to make do until it comes in?... that you could use elsewhere when the dream runner comes in?

  4. I would say wait for it! It is beautiful! And thanks for leading me to Code de Texas. She has a beautiful home like yours :)
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Did you find it? Check Ikea if you have one! I'm sure I saw something like it there.

  6. Hi Ann,
    I did check Ikea, but didn't see a runner in a style I liked. The rug above is on order and I was told I'd get it in December. Still waiting!



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