Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charleston Souvenir

We had so little time there and managed to squeeze in a trip to the aquarium and a horse and buggy ride.  I think I'd have to spend a month there to see half of what is there.

I thought I'd share a little piece of Charleston that I picked up.  Anyone who has been there will be familiar with sweetgrass baskets.  They're all over the markets downtown.  They're part of West African culture that was transported by slaves and handed down for generations by the Gullah people. 

I already had one that was given to me as a gift ...

I wanted a tiny one for trinkets beside my bed so this is the one I picked up.

These baskets are pricey, but my mother-in-law instructed me on negotiating the price.  I'm not a fan of doing that, but I'm less of a fan of overpaying so I followed her advice and managed a fair price.
I wish I had more to share, but not only did I forget my camera, but with 2 rambunctious little ones in tow, I'm not sure how much I would have been able to use it anyway.  It really looks like an amazing city to explore and I'm hoping to have the opportunity at some point in the future.


  1. I bought a small sweetgrass basket when I was there, too. They are really lovely, aren't they?


  2. Nice souvenier of the beautiful Charleston.

  3. Beautiful!! It's a wonderful city. My sister lives there!

    Happy weekend to you,


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