Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going Grey

I'm not talking about my hair although I did find my first one a few weeks ago.

My living room has been yellow for about 4 years now ... an eternity for me! 

I'm a big fan of yellow especially for a living room.  I think it brings warmth, light and cheer BUT the rest of my house has taken on a cooler color palette and I really like the peaceful calm of the pale, cool colors so I've been thinking of extending that into my living room since it's where I spend the most time.

I asked Mr. T about grey last night and he immediately said "No." but that's always his response so like the considerate wife I am, I put two grey paint samples on the wall. 

The darker color is the same color we used in our bathroom.

Mr. T wasn't the only one opposed because my daughter saw what I was doing and immediately gasped and said that she liked the yellow that was "like mac-n-cheese".  Well, this grey was a definite "no" since it almost looks like the same color of the dining room.  It also looks so much darker in the living room than it does in the bathroom.  The other color is the pale grey in our hallway.  Way, way too light.  Not the look I'm going for.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect color.  More samples in the works ...


  1. I am sure you will find the right grey. I liked the lighter one on your wall. It looks nice with you other room in the background. Have a blessed Sunday. sandi

  2. Valspar makes a color named Oyster Shell. Try a small sample and then mix in a white to a desired shade of gray comes out. Worked for me when I was having issues with finding a griegey color.


  3. I have used stonington gray (benjamin moore) in 2 bedrooms, and seashell gray (from Lowes) in my family room (it is a much lighter gray but looks good with white crown moulding and if you have some darker furniture in the room).
    Good luck finding your perfect gray!

  4. Gray can look really pretty in chic/cottage rooms! I can't wait to see it!

  5. What a lovely living room you have! Oh, I'm sorry about your family not agreeing with your color choice but I'm sure you'll find just the right one! I've been scrolling through your blog and just love it and love all of your creativity and now I'm your newest follower! :) Hope you'll pop in to see me sometimes.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Almost my whole house is the same color as your living room. I LOVED it when I did it six years ago...but I'm wanting a change. It still looks good in person but I think in photos it just makes everything in the room look way yellow. I actually really like having the same wall color throughout the house because my house is small and I like that it makes it feel bigger being the same color throughout. (bedrooms are painted different) But I'm thinking I want to go greige in the living room. Mostly because the fireplace has greige mortar and I think it would look nice with greige walls. But I don't want to paint the whole house greige. So I keep putting it I feel I have so many other things that need to be done before I start repainting everything. I'll be very interested to find out what color you end up with.

  7. Your dining room is absolutely gorgeous!
    I recently painted a bedroom a beautiful calming green/blue pale colour to get rid of a ghastly yellow!

    Your yellow is much prettier though I have to say. Though I still prefer the colour of the dining. It's lovely.


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