Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

My oldest girl starts kindergarten today. 

Where have the past 5 years gone?


  1. Oh a quiet house....you will adjust and they will have so much to tell you when they get home. I just read your last post, your summer recap. How delightful. I think it is great you have enjoyed your time, sometimes blogging takes over.
    Anyway hope your little one has a great first day of school.

  2. Melanie ...the time goes flying by! We are praying that your little kindergarten gal has a wonderful day! Mommies always worry about their little ones - no matter how old they get to be! We have a kindergartener in our family who is so excited buses, book bags, and "no naps" that you really pray that teacher has alot of energy for these kids! LOL :) God bless....

  3. Thank you!

    We just got an update from the teachers that she's doing fine. She was quite nervous this morning so we were really happy to hear that.

  4. Hi, I'm a new reader to your blog. I feel your pain. My oldest started junior high school this week. She is so excited, yet my heart feels like it is breaking. Where did the time go?

    Btw, your decorating style is fabulous. Makes me want to redo my entire house. lol

  5. I remember that days, which I avoid to go school. It was such a bad time for me, but now a days I want that days back. you remind my old days.

  6. Time really flies doesn't it? Have a lovely day, Kellie xx


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