Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Greenbrier

Friends of mine recently went to The Greenbrier in West Sulphur Springs, West Virginia for a weekend and came back with quite a lot of photos and I wanted to share just a few here.  The Greenbrier has been hosting guests since 1778.

I've heard about the Greenbrier, but haver never visited myself.  After seeing these photos, I hope to change that.
Here's the impressive exterior ...

Chandeliers everywhere!  I love how you can see a hint of color in each successive room but the chandeliers are the common element.

Another beautiful light ...

Here's one with green crystals ...

And yet another with the band of blue.

This makes me want blue stripes in my house (maybe with the chandelier above?).

I don't typically care for florals like this, but how beautiful ...

There's such an interesting contrast with the black and white tile floor.

Bolder space, same floor.

Nisha knows how much I love rhinestone pins.  How much to I adore this?

I'm going to need a lot more pins!

Love the gold mirror and the white mantel.
Nisha looking right at home.

The exterior also does not disappoint.  A peek from inside ...
And another with a view of the WV mountains.
A serene spot.

Gorgeous grounds and gazebo.

The happy couple.  Thank you to Bryan for sharing the great photos!


  1. So gorgeous & it makes me very homesick. I grew up just a few miles from the Greenbrier. My mother worked there as a young girl just out of high school then again later when I was a baby. She served a lot of very famous people while she was there - some fun family stories.

    I have many family members that have worked or are working there now. None of us could even dream of actually staying there though! It's a beautiful place full of history.

  2. Wow..looks like the White House only bigger and with more color! Beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. It is beautiful. I wonder if they went to the bomb shelter that was there? It does have alot of history.

  4. WoW!!! What a pretty place to spend some time, I love the magnificent chandeliers! The country side around it is so gorgeous too!

  5. We drove through that gorgeous West Virginia countryside years ago and suddently came upon The Greenbrier. Amazing structure and such a study in contrast to the surrounding village. In a way, reminded me of The Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island, Michigan). Years ago, both were destinations of the rich and famous. will have to check out The Greenbrier again if/when I make it back to WV!

  6. That hotel is in my home state. Very proud of that beautiful place!


  7. There's a good reason that hotel is so impressive in its decorating - it was decorated by the infamous Dorothy Draper. And the reason it might remind people of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island is because her protege (who is still alive and running her company), Carleton Varney, oversaw the remodeling of the Grand Hotel.


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