Monday, May 14, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a trip to NYC for a friend's wedding.  We decided to go a day early to enjoy the city and luckily, we had time to check out the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.

From the subway stop, it's a short walk through the Fashion District.

This guy told us we were in the right place.

We got there just as they were setting up so it wasn't very crowded and there was a lot to see.  One vendor was selling hardware like hinges and these beautiful old door locks.

I can't help but notice blue and white items because of my mom's dining room so this miniature tea set caught my eye.

There were lots of clothes like this slip from the turn of the century.

Not nearly as old, but this nightgown and robe also caught my eye.  I actually purchased something similar at the D.C. Big Flea last year and brought it with me to wear in NY.  It's nice sleeping in something pretty. 

The same vendor was selling LOTS of hats!  See that little blue one on the left?  It was my only purchase of the day and plan to wear it to my next tea.

An old suitcase with travel labels ...

There was one booth that seemed particularly busy and I squeezed myself in there to see.  I found this beauty there.  It would have been a nice compliment to my similar tea cups, but I have several creamers and had to remind myself of my lack of storage space for more dishes.

So many pretty things ...

In that same booth were these beautiful tea cups ...

... and stacks of silver trays.

Pretty chandeliers a couple of booths down. 

This cup was really interesting.  It had the zodiac symbols on the dish and some other symbols inside.  Made in England.

Music player of some sort.  As you can see from the price, best left to a serious collector, but it still works!

I had to take a picture of this old phone because it was also pretty pricey and my dad has one without a dial and with a fabric covered cord.  I believe his is from the 20s.

Prints from the 1800s ...

Pin-ups from the 1940s ...

And, just because there's always something that you leave behind and later say "I should have gotten that."  Here it is.  A Star Trek pop-up book from the 70s.  Tom and I loved it but we left it behind. 

After the flea market, we took a break in Bryant Park for a while before heading back to our hotel in Tribeca to get ready for the wedding.

We had a really great time in NYC and at the wedding later that day.  The next day, Mother's Day, I was back with my mom and girls.

I grew up in NY and it's been a while since I've been there. I miss it and I'm sad to leave every time I visit but it was nice getaway. 

Back to reality!


  1. It seems you had a wonderful time! The Star Trek book is pretty cool (not to rub it in). ;)

  2. Hi Melanie,
    What a great trip you had. I enjoyed seeing all the neat merchandise. I love the old hardware and locks! Of course the teacups and lingerie grabbed me too. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your visit. Please feel free to join my tea party any time. Have a wonderful day.


  3. So many pretty things those tea sets!


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