Friday, February 27, 2015

The Chair

I'm not sure I ever shared this here, but there's a story behind this chair.  I found it at one of my favorite thrift stores in Delaware when I was visiting my parents.  It was pretty much as disgusting as it appears, fabric worn and trim falling off, filthy and the bottom was matted with cat hair.  But, much to my husband, Tom's, dismay, I fell in love with it and brought it home with the dream of someday having it re-upholstered.  

After getting it home, I could see that it was actually stuffed with horse hair instead of the usual batting and foam.  I looked into having it reupholstered with the original horse hair and found that it could be done, but it was a very involved process and not something that would ever be in my budget.  The chair lingered around the house being part of celebrations and birthdays covered with a throw as a "throne" to the guest of honor.

I think Tom got tired of the ugly chair so for my birthday, he quietly found an upholsterer, dragged the chair out for an estimate and surprised me!  The upholsterer's best guess was that the chair is from the 1930s.  This is the last picture of it in the shop the day we went to choose fabric.  A couple of months later ...

This is what I ended up with!  I chose a very plain white fabric that neither Tom nor the upholsterer were sure of, but after seeing the finished product, they both saw what I had imagined.  I love it more than ever!  I think it goes perfectly with photos I took in Paris and converted to sepia on Shutterfly.

I changed the red accents I had around the house in February for Valentine's Day in favor of some green in anticipation of spring.  I love the snow, but I'm ready for some changes.  

I'm going to continue with more green around the house this week.


  1. Wouhw...serious transformation, wonderfull chair now,greeeting from Belgium

  2. Wow! Talk about a transformation. You have an eye for the diamond in the rough :) Looks great!


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