Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Yesterday, I mentioned how my father was a bit of a pack rat and how hard it has been going through the overwhelming amount of stuff he had.  It made me take a look at myself and think about how I might consider simplifying the amount of stuff I have myself.  I'm not as bad as my father was, but I have so much that I never use.  Why keep it?  My mother also has a good set of china she needs to part with for space reasons and offered it to me.  That I would use!  But, not without clearing out what I don't use. 

 So, I started going through my dining room and all the dishes I have there.  It was hard.  Everything I have, I have because I love it but I had to think about whether or not I use it and how much space I have for these things.  So, I'm parting with a decent amount.   I did reorganize and decided to keep a few things like these bowls.  We have some white plastic IKEA bowls from the toddler days with my girls that I've wanted to replace with glass bowls and these were perfect.  I moved them from the dining room to the kitchen and I'm using one for my oatmeal today!

Another item I decided to keep was my brown transferware.  I almost got rid of it, but my husband saw what I was doing and stopped me.  He reminded me of how excited I was when I bought them and wouldn't let me part with them.  They have scenes from NY (where we're originally from) and the USS Delaware (where my parents lived).

Last but not least, I had quite a few mismatched teacups.  I decided to keep a set I love the most.  My mom also has a few and I'll keep those as well so I have a matching set instead.  
Nothing against mismatched teacups.  I love the look and it reminds me of all the days we spent having high tea, but something has to go.

That's all for now.  Organizing and purging to-be-continued ...


  1. Melanie, I am so sorry to read about your dad. I didn't realize that is why you were moving your mom. I am sure this is not an easy time. I totally get your purging need though. A few years ago, my mom became very ill and we needed to sell her home, within months of that both of my sisters downsized. Oh, the stuff. I started purging immediately and have been on a constant quest to live with less ever since. I wish you luck! Ps..love that you are using your pretties!

    1. Thank you Kim. It's been a process, but also a time to remember and so many of our memories were good ones. It's interesting that your sisters downsized and you have tried to live with less. After all this, I can completely understand why.


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