Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Sunday ...

I bought a vintage cameo necklace a while ago. It wasn't the most beautiful piece of jewelry but I liked the cameo in the large setting. Yesterday, I finally got around to doing something with it and I really like it.

Its a white cotton with a blue damask print pillow with white tulle gathered with a white satin bow and the vintage cameo. I think its so pretty. (Mr. T thinks its "too pretty". Men!)

I decided to open an Etsy store and list it there. I'm going to list a few other things too. I actually love the things I've been making so its hard to consider parting with them, but if I I'm lucky enough to sell some, it means I can make other things. I know some people would love being home and not having to work every day. I know I used to fantasize about not working - until the day that I was told I couldn't work anymore unexpectedly. I was pregnant with the Wild One and put on bedrest. I cried that day because I wouldn't be able to work (and the hormones didn't help). I had planned to return to work, but a colicky baby and a surprise baby #2 derailed those plans. Not working makes me crazy and unhappy especially now that its winter. (Mr. T can verify this.) I love my girls, but I'm just not as enthusiastic about Dora the Explorer or Little People as they are. Making things has been an outlet for me and I feel like I'm using my adult brain rather than goint through the motions ... feedings, diapers, toys, baths, naps ... and sitting around counting the minutes of monotony. I'm so glad I've found something to do!

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