Sunday, February 15, 2009

An old before/after ...

I was thinking of all the furniture I have to paint and remembered this. I purchased this dresser with a matching mirror years ago in NY for $10. The top drawer had something scratched into it presumably done by whatever child previously owned the dresser. On a tight budget, I bought it. The dresser traveled with me everywhere through numerous moves. One day, I decided to sand it down to get rid of the scratch in it and to give it a worn, finish. A few years later, when the Wild One was on the way, we bought her a natural finish crib and put this dresser in her room. Here it is as it was then ...

A year after the Wild One arrived, Surprise! Baby #2 is on the way! The Wild One got a new, larger, natural finish dresser to match her crib since the room we moved her to was much bigger and like any girl, who doesn't need more space for clothes? It had these cheap, atrocious knobs on it that didn't even fit properly so I put these cream colored rose knobs from Anthropologie on it to make it a little more feminine.

Back to the garage sale dresser ... It got a paint job and the same knobs as the other dresser but in pink. I got a matching white crib.

I really love the rose knobs ...

I have a desk for each girl and a couple of end tables that need painting and bought more knobs to put on each on piece to tie all the different furniture pieces together. Those are a work in progress!

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  1. Melanie what a wonderful make over. Those pink and white rose knobs are just gorgeous.


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