Friday, February 20, 2009

Dishes ...

I have Persimmon Fiestaware.

These were something I chose when I was around 22. They reflect who I was then. A vibrant young girl with a brand new career, brand new husband, brand new house. Long story short, while I still consider myself somewhat vibrant and young, the husband, and house didn't last. Nor did the career which is more a job these days since I am more focused on my family. I'm a different person in a different place in life. I'm comfortably happy and rather than the bold dark colors I would have chosen, I've shifted completely to light and bright. I think part of this is being a mom and being home a lot more with my girls. Life with them is light, bright and happy and that's what I want to reflect in my surroundings.

So, I've been considering selling the dishes. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would want a full set of Fiestaware with the extra serving pieces.

I've seen a few few sets I like and this one from Ballard caught my eye the other day.

No final decisions yet.

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