Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have a problem.

My name is Melanie... and I'm a paint addict. Here is about half of my paint collection.

I'm a Gemini. I like change! Mr. T? Not so much. Its just that you can do so much with paint when you have a small budget. For example, here's what our kitchen looked like when we moved into our house.

And here it is after we painted the cabinets and the walls.

Not bad, right? Well we ended up remodeling anyway because the old, cheap cabinets were falling apart. After a lot of typical contractor headaches, here is the final result. (No, the Wild One's lips aren't black. Weirdness with the picture.)

Nice, right? Well, as I said, we had trouble with the contractors and there are certain things that we were kinda pushed into without being given much of a choice. Like the granite. I know everyone loves black granite, but I really don't. At this point, I'll have to just live with it though. However, another thing that bothered me was the hardware. The contractor just kinda chose it for us without giving us ANY options. Since my parents are buying a new house (they're moving this weekend - yay!) they got an all white kitchen with stainless appliances, and since they didn't get hardware for their kitchen, they paid for my new hardware and I'm giving them what I have. My brushed nickel hardware will look much better in their kitchen. I got a bronze that matches the cabinets MUCH better.

Back to the paint ... Mr. T forbade me from buying any more paint. I had to get creative with what I had. We ended up mixing up a bunch of paint we already had and created a new color Mr. T named "Tomato Soup". It matches my dishes. You can see some of it in the upper glass cabinets. So, I want to repaint. And, I want to sell the dishes. There is a history to the dishes. That's a story for tomorrow's post.


  1. Love, love, love your new kitchen. It looks so much larger than the first photo. And so elegant. I espcecially like the white island. And a agree with you on the hardware, what was the contractor thinking installing steel. The brushed nickel matches perfectly. :)

  2. Thank you Shana! The contractor said that because we got stainless appliances we should get stainless hardware. We were so rushed throught he process that I didn't have a chance to argue.

  3. Your new kitchen looks beautiful!
    About 5 years ago, when we remodeled our house I decided to replace my white kitchen cabinets to a natural wood similar to yours, because I've always had white kitchen and i wanted something different. that i'm in shabby chic mood, i'm thinking of paint my kitchen cabinets to white and put some appliques . When i told my mom about my plan,she said " those cabinets are beautiful!!just leave them alone!!!":D


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