Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Treasure Trove ...

That's the name of my local thrift shop where I found these on my way home from work yesterday.

The other day, the Wild One threw a cup into the sink and broke one of my vases. It was just one of those typical glass vases you get with an arrangement, but it was the perfect size for a small bouquet of flowers so I used it a lot. I was hoping to find something new to replace it and the one above found me. I got the footed bowl to keep it company. (Actually, its a candle holder.)

And I made this yesterday to go with the bracelet I made.

I love it and the Wild One is obsessed with it. I'd love to make her one, but with the Happy One roaming around, I'm afraid that its a choking hazard and can't take the chance. For now, the Wild One will just have to settle for holding it while she's supervised.

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