Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weekend Plans

It is so tempting for me to just hop in my car and drive over to my parents new place this weekend. I've never lived so close to them and its so convenient now! But this weekend, I have decided to resist temptation. I have SO MUCH I want to do in my own home. This weekend, I plan to repaint my bedroom. Like the dining room, I want it lighter and brighter. I REALLY wanted to paint the walls white somewhat a la Rachel Ashwell while keeping our wood furniture but Mr. T vetoed and I fought for white trying to convince him that the wood furniture would make it less feminine, but he is adamant. So, we compromised on a very, very light taupy cream color.

I recently got white bedding that I love and I hope it works with the paint I chose. I've wanted white bedding ever since we stayed in a hotel a couple of years ago that had bedding that was like sleeping on a cloud. They sold the bedding and I hoped to buy it one day but the price tag kept me from taking the plunge. One day, I stumbled across white bedding at Target and I couldn't resist. It was perfect and I loved the price too. It's beautiful and everything I wanted. The bedding has this white on white print.

And I got these Euro Pillows too ...

Hopefully, I can get the bedroom done this weekend (and it turns out okay) so I can post pictures. Wish me luck!


  1. I remember seeing that white bedding at target!! They are beautiful! Wow, your bedroom will look sooo pretty!! I just know it.
    As soon as i'm done re-decorating my dining room,i'm going to paint my bedroom light blue and the bedding will be all white like yours.
    I hope you'll post some pictures after your project is finished. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I can hardly wait to see how your bedroom turns out. Loved the cradle, think I might have to do the same to an Amish Crib my Hubby bought for my 50th birthday, the dollies love it! I too have started a creative blog, separate from my informative family one. I'm learning too.


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