Monday, March 9, 2009

Flowers and Butterflies ...

The other day, Mr. T brought home these beautiful yellow roses. Someone had sent me an arrangement in the green vase once so I pulled out the vase and set the yellow roses in them. It looks so Springy!

On a trip to Kohls to find some things for my parents, I wandered through the outdoor section they were putting together and found a box of butterflies on sale for only a few of dollars.

The roses will probably be gone in a couple of days so I got some tulips on a grocery store trip yesterday ...

... and added another butterfly!

Spring, where are you? My garden is slowly coming to life and I can't wait to see flowers.


  1. Melanie!,
    Those yellow roses are even more beautiful in that green vase! And yellow tulip is my favorite flower! and you already know how i feel about milk glasses...Melanie, those butterflies look so real!!

  2. Melanie,
    If you ever get tired of your milk glasses,please let me know..I want to buy them from you. :)


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