Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Planning

I've been meaning to order some plants for my garden - my first time from a catalog. I just realized that the order would be half off so I finally put in my order. I tend to go overboard getting excited, so I really thought about where I would put all of these since I'm really running out of space. I think I can squeeze them all in.

Russian Sage ... I've always wanted this. It looks like a cloud of lavender when its in bloom. I'm going to put it in front of my house. Its planted in a border at my job and its so pretty.

Hakone Grass ... I've seen this planted in shady borders and I have PLENTY of shade. However, I'm thinking of planting this around the two large tiger grasses I have on either side of my driveway. I've been looking for something to plant around them to spruce them up. I think these will be a nice compliment.

White Carpet Phlox - I have some of these beneath an Azalea in front of my house and its gorgeous in the spring. The flowers are so dense and while the flowers don't last long, its extremely low maintenence. Perfect!

This is called Incrediball Hydrangea. I have several traditional blue, purple and pink hydrangea, an Endless hydrangea (blue) and Limelight Hydrangeas (green flowers) around my yard. I couldn't resist this one. Look at the size of those blooms!

Black Magic Elephant Ears - My dad (who had an incredible garden in the old house and from whom I inherited the gardening gene) ordered one of these a few of years ago and it was so eye catching the entire season. I'm finlly going to get one of my own.

And finally Lady Ferns. These are simple shade plants but their lacy foliage looks great and thrives where nothing else will grow. I have a hard time finding them where I live too for some reason. My local nursery never has them.

I'd better pick up some soil and fertilizer this weekend along with the bathroom items I plan to purchase. I'm going to need a big cart!


  1. Hi! Melanie,

    You have a lovely blog!! Love the garden pictures, except I don't have much of a green thumb..they'd die in a week. YIKES!!!

    Thanks so much for following my blog, I'm adding you to my blog list.


  2. I love all your garden pics. The white hydrangea is a must have!!!BEAUTIFUL~!!!!Blessings, Deborah

  3. I'm dreaming - we have so much to do in our backyard before I can even think about flowers! I can imagine yours being lovely.

  4. Great choices! I have the Russian sage, you will love it! The grass looks very pretty, I can't have carpet phlox ~the deer just won't allow it!:) I've always wanted Elephant ears~the black magic is stunning! And I LOVE Hydrangeas, wow, that is an amazing one! I want it!:)
    Enjoy your day, great captures!

  5. Hi Melanie
    I couldn't get your photos to load, I'll be back over to visit a bit later and hope they'll magically appear - looking forward to seeing the plants you've ordered


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