Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden Party Birthday ...

My big girl turns 3 on Sunday. We don't have huge parties with tons of people, but I always do something to make it special anyway. The Wild One loves balloons, so I'm going to put Mr. T to work Friday night (we're celebrating Saturday) filling up balloons so that when she wakes up on Saturday, there are a bunch of balloons for her like this from Rachel Ashwell ...

Its supposed to be beautiful on Saturday, so I'm thinking of putting these Martha Stewart Pom-Poms around my patio ...

I remember leaving my house to go to the hospital to have my baby and my plants were just beginning to emerge. When I returned only 3 days later, my yard was so lush and beautiful. It really made me smile and seemed symbolic of new life so a garden party seems perfect for my little girl.

I bought some paper plates from Target in the Garden Party pattern and picked up some Easter candy with the same color and filled one of my apothecary jars with it.

Cupcakes instead of a cake ...

This is too ambitious for me to pull off, but here are some other garden party images I found searching around.


I would have loved to buy cupcakes like this, but couldn't find anyone who did anything like this that I could buy from in a small quanity locally.


All of these are from Country Living ...


  1. SUCH a pretty theme!! Hope you have a fantastic party!

  2. Oh my, now that is simply beautiful! I love the colors, the themes, and the atmosphere of the photos, and I really like the paper plates you got. I think your little baby girl will have a fantastic time!

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday little one. A Dutch tradition is to congratulate the mother, so congratulations on the birthday of your daughter. Blessings, Sandi

  4. Happy Birthday to your big girl!! I'm sure she will love whatever you decide to special!!!...Debbie

  5. All the inspiration photos are fantastic. I remember the issue of Country Living with the sunflower cupcakes. I really like that one. Happy third birthday to your little one.


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