Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm working on something that has me thinking of Monticello. It was Thomas Jefferson's home and its beautiful. Have you ever been there?

We were there a few years ago and I just loved it. The house is nice (smaller than you might expect actually) but the gardens are beautiful. I'm a sucker for a great garden.

Unlike Mount Vernon which is always overrun by tourists visiting D.C., Monticello is quieter and a little more serene. Jefferson actually had a passion for gardening. When I was there, I bought a mug that looks like a terracotta pot. It is starting to change color for some reason, but without fail, I drink my coffee EVERY morning from this cup.

Its inscribed with a Jefferson quote - "I am still devoted to the garden." We're hoping to visit again this summer. I'm just trying to figure out what time I'd like to go to see the gardens - maybe June.

I bought something else when I was there. I'll post my little project tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE that mug!! Looks like summer is the best time to visit, look at those gardens!!

  2. Oh, I haven't been to Monticello in ages, and it was late fall when we went. I should go over and check out the spring's only two hours away!

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you have in the works!

  4. I'm a big fan of Jefferson and have quite a few books on Montecello and the gardens. As a matter of fact there was an article on Montecello in our Sunday paper today. Apparently Jefferson died broke from spending all his money on home improvements LOL! That's why his daughter had to sell everything after this death.


  5. Found your blog via Mel's Rose Place and had to say hi. I love your home! It's beautifully decorated! Have you ever been to Dumbarton Oaks in the Georgetown area? If you liked Monticello, I think you'd enjoy it. You just have to stay away during tourist season. We went in the fall and it was still beautiful and peaceful without any crowds.


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