Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late April garden ...

My garden continues to come to life. We had a lot of rain recently and its evident with all the new growth on the shrubs. Here are a few pictures ...

When we moved in, the white azalea was one of the few plants growing among the fallen leaves and mud in the yard aside from the out of control wild violets (that we're still fighting). My dad gave me all those hostas and they've grown considerably.

My daffodils are long gone, but my carpet phlox is blooming as is my azalea. That azalea was so overgrown when we moved in. Mr. T and I argued about it because he didn't want me to cut it back severely. Finally, after 5 years I had enough and I cut it back dramatically last year. There was nothing but sticks poking from the ground after I was done. I seriously thought I'd killed it and was feeling guilty, but as the summer went on, slooowly new growth appeared! Now look at it. Would you ever know it was cut back so much?

This is still a little bare, but it should fill in. I just planted a white astilbe root in the bare space in the front.

My ferns are coming up. I love the look of the curly shoots as they emerge ...

These are among the few blooms in my garden. They were scattered all over the yard and over time, I've put them all together. It seems that I still have a few to transplant.

My Geoff Hamilton rose has buds! I have to keep an eye on this guy because its a black-spot mess if I don't keep up with it. The blooms are incredible though with 120 petals.

This rose (Peace) has such issues. It has so much disease even now but it has buds and I can never bring myself to tear it out. When it does manage to bloom, the blooms are beautiful and large.

I planted this clematis (purple blooms) on the same trellis to help with the sparseness of the sick rose.

Abraham Darby rose on the obelisk.

Can't wait for all the roses to bloom. They are truly a sight to behold. My New Dawn climbing roses are my favorite. No buds on this one yet.

Peonies have buds.

My sea of Irises have buds.

... and I think these are Alliums. I don't remember planting this so it will be a surprise when they bloom. I also have Globemaster Alliums among my faded hyacinths that I have to transplant. They are impressive when they bloom.


  1. Your garden is impressive....makes me envious, as we have a long wait before our garden gets to that stage! My tulips are just beginning to peek out of the ground...

  2. Very beautiful... love peonies, but don't think they grow around here, too hot. ALso, ferns in the ground- lucky, lucky!!! We pot ours.

  3. What a beautiful garden you have! I totally envy you! You seem to take good care of it and because of that it's paying you back.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love Hostas and so do my snails......Yours are just wonderful. Thank you for the pictures of you garden, it is so beautiful... Sandi


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