Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potting Benches

Over the weekend, Mr. T started extending our patio a little. It was an area under the overhang of our carport so plants didn't get any rainwater there. It was a sad place with unhappy plants, so we decided to extended the slates from the patio to that area and decided to put our gas grill there. After moving things around, the area flows so much better now.

I've always thought about getting a potting bench and now it seems like it won't overwhelm the space. I'm having trouble finding them. It seems inexpensive ones were everywhere the past few years, but not anymore. I'd love to buy an old thrift store item, but have no way to transport something that large. I have had fun looking around online for ideas.

This one is my favorite!

I like the use of the window on this one.

This is an old dry sink that was used as a potting bench.

I like the back of this one ... and the finish.

A more traditional bench. This one actually folds up!

Maybe I should just hold out and see if I can find an old piece of furniture so I can create something like the first one. I'm really in love with that one!


  1. I love that first one, too! I'd hold out, it's garage sale season, if you could find an old buffet with a hutch, that would work. I gave my old hutch to my friend, she painted it green and put it on an old big dresser as a potting's great!
    xo Lidy

  2. All of the potting benches are wonderful, but I so agree with you the first one is so special. That one would be perfect. I hope you can find something to recreate it or at least the feel of it. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

  3. All of the potting benches are wonderful -- I was luck enough to get a potting shed! It's great because everything is under roof! I know you'll find the perfect bench -- just don't be in a hurry!

  4. Did you see the potting bench that Jen from The Cottage Nest blog made for the BHG contest. It is really clever and looks quite doable.



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