Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bathroom is painted!

I posted my bathroom update not long ago. It went from this ...

... to this ....

... and finally to this!

I LOVE the grey. This room lacks any natural light and the grey really brightens it up surprisingly while still looking sophisticated. I'm not sure the pictures convey how much better it looks.

I wasn't sure what to put on the shelf, so I just framed one of my pictures that I took in London and put a couple of tapers in some candlesticks I had.

I also bought the lavender towels (not easy to find!). I still have to repaint the ceiling (white) and touch up some spots this weekend.

This was the most hated room in my house and now finally after 5 years in this house, I think I love this room the most!


  1. Melanie, this turned out just lovely! I love the lavender you added's very spa-like!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love the grey and the chrome/silver accents, very chic!!

  3. I love white & grey rooms, good job!

  4. First of all I love your bath....the color is fabulous...I am thinking of painting my living room a very light gray...what color did you use??? I think it would look good with all the off white things I have in there....
    I bought the chandelier tins at a store just off the main street in Alexandria....if you are looking down the street towards the water or harbor it is down a side street on the right side about one block before the had a Christmas like name...sorry but I do not remember the name....they had some really cute things in there...they also had a up stairs...also they had a really cute door mat that looked like white wash planks...very if all else fails look for a cute white washed plank door is about 3 x 5.....let me know if you find the store.....
    Mo :-)

  5. Beautiful!!! I always forget the beauty in the color grey. Now it has become a first choice for paint color...Now we see why....Love Tiina..

  6. I looked at the cute blog with the gray foyer.....I like it.... it is such a fresh color that just might go in my living room...I am kinda tired of the greens ...thank you for the Home Depot info...just might go there on my days off and try your color.... the new mirror I put up a while back is light gray and I think with everything else in my living room it just might look great with the gray....paint is cheap but boy oh boy what a amazing difference it makes....Thank You again....XOXO

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the frame with the candles, and the lavender towels. The room now looks completely different, so much brighter and sophisticated!

  8. Very cottagey (sp? it even a word?!?). Very sophisticated! Great transformation. Love the gray as well. Trying to decide where I can paint gray..
    Blessings and thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the gray,lavender and white. It is so clean and fresh! Very pretty!


  10. What a huge difference some paint can make! It wasn't "bad" before (mid pic) but now it's just great!

  11. It looks chique en sophisticated... You'r a lucky girl to see this every day!

  12. Mmmmmmmmmmm..........hmmmmmmmmmm.... :-) It looks just awesome. LOVE it.

    Warm blessings,


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