Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

I didn't think I was going to get any flowers this year for Mother's Day. I love flowers and almost always have them in the house these days. People seem to always want to be creative with gifts, but I made it known that its not a boring gift to me no matter how many times I get flowers. Its so exciting when a bouquet or box of flowers comes up the driveway in the hands of a delivery person. Mr. T alluded to a different gift and my mom did too, so I thought, no flowers this year - maybe I'll just buy some so that I have some on the table on Sunday. Over the weekend, Mr. T came home with these beautiful lilies ...

... they've started opening so I thought they would last until Mother's Day.

Then yesterday, this arrived!

Flowers from mom with chocolates! Mr. T and I immediately tore into those. Mom tricked me. ;-)

Now today ... Wild Girl announced the "package truck". More flowers, but from whom?

My brother! He sends me flowers every year and its always a surprise. You see, he's very much a Bachelor (the capital "B" isn't a typo). His idea of gifts is sending an eCheck. Its amusing. I think the reason he sends me flowers for Mother's Day is because I've saved him from the pressure of having to produce grandchildren for our parents!

Anyway, I have plenty of flowers now! I'd better tell Mr. T not to surprise me because I've run out of space.


  1. The flowers you got are so pretty!

    I have to agree with you, no matter what the occasion is, I always love a potted plant of a bunch of flowers.

  2. Evy,
    I would have loved a potted plant, but Mr. T refuses to buy me any more plants! ;-)


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