Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Mother Nature ...

I love that you have sent us lots of rain for my plants to drink, but I have things to do outside. I appreciate that you've given me breaks in the rain at exactly the time my girls are napping, but I'm a muddy mess and my curly hair is suffering. Can't we just have 1 day of sun? Thank you.


It was supposed to be a beautiful day yesterday. Instead, it was overcast, gloomy and not as warm as they said it would be. Not only do I have a lot to do, but some of the plants that are blooming have not fared well with the inundation of water. I'm sure they will be fine (if it ever stops raining) but I was hoping to share pictures of my new plants and don't have as much because some of them look like the same frizzy mess I am after being out there.

I did manage to get outside for an hour the last 2 days before the sky opened up again and dumped on us again to take a few pictures. My irises are getting set to bloom.

Those that were not smart enough to wait for the rain to pass are looking pretty sorry, but this one was perfect.

I have always wanted to plant foxglove, but I wanted white. This is supposed to be lavender and it looks that way in the picture but its really almost white in person.

My dad had a HUGE white bleeding heart that was amazing so I searched everywhere for this and finally found it. I'm sure mine will never look like his.

Finally, here's my Geoff Hamilton rose clearly being attacked by something. I applied a systemic rose food, but that may take a while to work so I'm going to have to get out there with the spray (that is, again, if it ever stops raining).

There's supposed to be a break in the rain on Sunday. I suppose my Mother's Day gift from Mother nature will be a nice day so I can finish up some gardening.

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