Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Now, I really didn't want anymore flowers after all that I got already. However, yesterday, Mr. T came home with these ...

White roses. My favorite! Despite the fact that my house is starting to look like a florist I love them! Mr. T said they were from our girls. How sweet of them!

;-) I also found this this morning ...

A spa day! I can't wait! The flower box is a set of mini-perfumes and how cute is the flower pot card as much as I like to garden. And, 3 flowers - one for each little one and one for Mr. T. Perfect!

I had planned on spending the day at home with my girls. My mom was going to be spending the day with my grandmother and brother (both of whom just arrived there yesterday). I saw a post on the Nest from someone who was going to surprise her mom with a visit so she inspired me to do the same. I'm going to drive to Delaware with my Mr. T, my girls and the rest of my family just for the day. I spoke to my dad to make sure they would be around and he's keeping my secret. I got my mom some vintage blue and white Staffordshire dishes and gave her the box a while ago telling her she couldn't open it until Mother's Day. I called her and told her that there's another gift that I want her to have first so she can't open the box until the other gift (our family!) arrives first. She has no idea nor does my grandmother! There will be 3 generations of moms all together.

H A P P Y M O T H E R ' S D A Y ! ! !


  1. Hope you have a great trip and a very Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hi Melanie...

    I'm just enjoying your blog, my friend! I came over from Cindy's...followed your link to the giveaway and wanted to visit awhile!

    Ahhh...what beautiful flowers!!! I love your white roses...I think your Mr. T is pretty special for giving your such a beautiful gift of roses!!! Ohhh...and I love your spa gift! How pretty too! The pink lilies are just gorgeous and I love the little green flower box!!! Sooo sweet!!! What a wonderful surprise for your mama and Grandma...I hope that you all had the best Mother's Day ever!!!

    Warmest wishes,


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