Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Someone left a comment asking about wedding pictures. I don't have a lot online, but here are a few more. We had a small wedding (only 45 guests) and it wasn't a perfect day, but at the end of it all we were married and that's what mattered to me! These are all scans so I apologize for the picture quality. If the pictures are off-center, you can click on them for a better view.

Our venue that I fell in love with at first sight ...

The wedding party on a windmill on the property ...

Coming down the aisle ...

A friend took this picture and its one of my favorites ... (All other pictures SABB Photography)

During our ceremony ... It was unseasonably HOT that day. I had requested a very short ceremony and since something always goes wrong during a wedding it ended up being longer than expected. I thought I would die out there and felt so bad for all those poor men in suits!

Spiral staircase that led to the bridal suite and second entertaining space (that we didn't use) upstairs ...

Another favorite ...

The cake was late and not what I hoped it would be, but here it is ...

About my dress ... Thank you for the compliment Amber! I was a second time bride. Like many second time brides, I searched for an off-white dress. I didn't want an expensive wedding dress (we tried to stick to a budget and came in under budget!) but I have expensive taste. ;-) I started looking in bridesmaids dress and found the Lazaro dress I ended up wearing above and just fell in love with it color and all and that was it. Its the only dress I ever tried on. The color is incredible. Green with a blue sheen. It changes color in the light. Being short was a plus. I had them hem the bottom, but leave the back to extend the small train. I bought an ebay veil and dyed it (after finding someone online that had done it).

I wish I had more pictures, but this is it. I got a few strange looks when I asked for black tablecloths, but they looked great in the venue. They were sprinkled with pink and white rose petals and they just popped off the tablecloths.

It was a very happy day! I can't believe its been 5 years!

I'm planning on painting my bathroom today, so hopefully I'll finish today and be able to post pictures.


  1. Lovely wedding photos. You look so pretty and the wedding was in such a beautiful place. Hugs Marty

  2. Melanie, I didn't know that your profile photo was your wedding picture.( Love that photo!!)You wedding photos look so romantic! I LOVE your dress! You look absolutely beautiful in that dress and I love the way you did your hair!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures. Your wedding was beautiful and I must agree with other pp that it looked so romantic. I love the unique-ness of everything. Happy anniversary and I wish you many happy years togeter.

  4. What a beautiful bride, setting, and dress! May you have many more wonderful and great years together!

  5. Melanie, You were a beautiful bride, I wish you many years of happiness. The setting for the wedding was also so beautiful. Sandi

  6. What lovely photos. I can't resist a pretty wedding. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Pretty location, your dress is so unique!

  8. Oh Your wedding was perfect! What a pretty setting. And your dress... also perfect! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Melanie, it's me again!
    I was just having a blast looking at your wedding photos when I saw the one you and your husband holding hands. I have one on my side bar of my blog very similar. How interesting and it's my favourite picture!
    I also had a very small one (50) and was wonderul.
    Beuatiful wedding you had and you looked amazing in green.
    Congratulations and all the happiness for you two!
    Li :-)

  10. Such a beautiful bride even if you were unseasonably warm. It certainly doesn't show. It was very hot the day I got married. 114 degrees at 5 in the evening. I kept saying, " Oh my gosh it's so hot underneath my dress I could probably hatch chickens." lol Your venue is amazing!


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