Monday, May 18, 2009

Roses (and more) in bloom! ...

My roses are in bloom!

Abraham Darby ...

Geoff Hamilton ...

A sad looking Peace. This rose really isn't doing well, but the blooms are so beautiful that I don't have the heart to tear it out even though that's what is usually recomended. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to save it but I don't know that its possible anymore.

My Clematis looks great (despite the fact that something has been nibbling on it).

Red Peony (haven't a clue what the name is) ...

Pink Peonies haven't quite opened fully yet ...

This is my climbing rose (New Dawn) and its not in bloom yet, but it has hundreds of buds on it and I can't wait to see it bloom. I planted one on each side only 2 years old ago and look at how much its grown! It goes all the way back onto the fence as well.

P.S. I painted my bathroom and I LOVE how it came out. We're waiting for the paint to cure before putting everything back. We learned the hard way what happens when you put up a curtain rod before paint cures (half the wall comes off with the rod) so it might be a couple of days before I post pictures, but I'll post it later this week.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! It's been so cold here yet that not much is blooming yet, so I envy your flowers.

  2. My poor Roses stink!!! They only bud and then the buds get brown and yucky. I bet I have planted them where they do not get enough sun....I love the double roses. Peonies are my favorite-but here in Texas it is rare to find them. I had some at my old house-took 3 years for them to bloom, but they were awesome. I should have pulled some up for this house...Love Tiina..

  3. Just gorgeous. I love all the beautiful flowers, they are so lovely. I look forward to seeing the bathroom. It is always so nice to have fresh paint and everything feels so new. Hugs, Marty

  4. Beautiful Roses! I don't have much luck with them due to Bambi nibbling on them.


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