Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chandeliers ...

I've been meaning to change the light fixture here for ages ...

I would love to install a crystal chandelier to make the space a little less "blah". I'm having trouble deciding on a size and style. I like this, but would something like that work?

What about a smaller, narrower one like this?

(Both images Country Living)

Here's a $25,000 chandelier from Neiman Marcus ...

And, one more within reach ($175 - ;-)

I like the crystals on this one.

I picked out light fixtures for my parents dining room and kitchen and they look great. For some reason, when I'm picking something for my own home, I'm less confident about my choices. Anyway, I could look at chandeliers all day, but my plan for today's little girl nap time is to start painting my stairs!

Oh, and stay tuned, there's a giveaway coming up!


  1. My old white cottage could use a new light fixture in the dining room as well. It's hideous - just hideous. Good luck finding just the right one for you!

  2. Wow, they are all just gorgeous. I think light fixtures are really hard to pick out too. I think you have some great choices here. I hope you see the one that just makes you stop and drool, then you'll know it's the right one. Hugs, Marty

  3. WOW!! Just them all!!

    Barbara Jean

  4. When I saw that greenhouse and chandeliers in CL...I think I squealed! Isn't it just fantastic! Have you tried looking on Ebay? I have scored 3 chandys on there for fabulous prices....I think your little nook is just screaming for one!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  5. Hi Angie,

    Yes, I've looked on eBay. In fact, I was bidding on one but I wasn't so madly in love with it that I was willing to bid high enough. I'll have to keep hunting! ;-)


  6. Melanie, look on Craigslist, I have found some nice things there. Sandi


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