Monday, June 22, 2009

June Garden

I haven't posted garden pictures in a while and I honestly haven't spent much time gardening between work, kids, bad weather and other projects keeping me busy like my stairs and dining room table. So, here is what is currently in bloom ...

Here is some lavender and delphiniums ... There are mums coming up between the eunymous and creeping jenny, but I keep cutting them back so that they will not bloom until fall.

Here is that same area just a couple of months ago with tulips and grape hyacynths ...

The purple and white flower is one I just picked up called Torenia. I've never heard of it and was just browsing when I saw this and after reading the tag saw that it was a shade annual. I have mostly shade in my yard so it was an exciting discovery. Something different from the usual impatients I always get.

I just transplanted these japanese painted ferns and toad lilies here and they seem to be happy in their new spot.

A dahlia someone's been munching on.

Hydrangeas in bloom ...

And finally, Astilbe and Sum and Substance Hosta ...

Today is Mr. T's birthday ... Happy Birthday my Love!


  1. Just beautiful -- that dahlia is breathtaking!!!

  2. Everything is just beautiful! Love the japanese ferns. I purchased three two years ago on clearance and they really took off this year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. love the dahlia picture. Thanks for sharing...


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