Friday, June 26, 2009

A Morning in a Garden

Yesterday, I decided to visit a local garden for a little while in the morning. I love going to public gardens to see all the plants they have (that I wish I had). This house below was built in 1784! Now that is the kind of house I'd love to live in. The property was originally a tobacco farm. The next owners used it for dairy cattle and fruits and vegetables. The property passed to one more owner who then donated the land and home to the county. They have a museum, and gift shop in the house. It was closed yesterday for a private function. They have tours and teas there and I'd love to do that one day.

How often do you see tea cups at thrift stores and flea markets? I have seen some that I love, but have no use for. I saw this and need to make it! They had several here, but I really loved this cup. (Sorry about the glare. It was a beautiful day.)

I thought my little monkeys might enjoy the trip especially since I brought ice cream, but they didn't seem to find it as impressive as I did.

Due to the absence of swings and slides, the Wild One kept asking - Where's the park?? I think I'm going to have to make it up to her and take her to a real park.

I loved their shade gardens, especially this combination of Hakone Grass and Hosta. I just planted some Hakone Grass around a Japanese Maple in my front yard and I was surprised to see how beautiful it looked when mature. I'd seen pictures which is why I bought it, but its amazing in person.

This flower wasn't labeled, but I thought it was beautiful and it was huge. Anyone know what it is? (EDIT: Thank you Victoria for the comment - I believe it might be Crinum Lily!)

Here's a huge Knock-Out Rose.
I would love to volunteer at this garden, but they only want volunteers available during the week. I'm a little busy during the week. ;-) And to be honest, I really don't have the time. Maybe one day ...
Have a good weekend!


  1. What a beautiful garden. Is that Gunston Hall?

  2. No, its actually Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria. I should have mentioned that!


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