Thursday, June 25, 2009

My House

The other day, a friend (you know who you are out there!) commented that I never post pictures of my house, so here you have it. The reason I never posted pictures of my house is because I don't love it. I never have. I don't have digital "before" pictures but it didn't look like this when we saw it. When Mr. T and I first drove up to this house when we were house-hunting, we laughed and drove away. It was the joke of the street painted a bright yellow with green shutters. It was bad.

We later ended up returning to this house and the realtor called it the Green Bay Packers house because of the colors. The interior was all beige, the yard overgrown (one giant shrub was growning into the gutters by the side door), the kitchens and bathrooms were in desperate need of renovation, but I saw potential. It had more space than most of the other homes I'd seen.

Over time, we had it painted a more toned down yellow, the shutters were painted black, new light fixtures we got a new front door and storm door and of course, the plants. All the overgrown plants were removed. Other than 2 azaleas we salvaged and some juniper, every single plant was put in by either me or Mr. T. The walkway garden was a recent addition. Eventually, I plan to do the other side of the walkway as well.The house works for us and its what we need right now, but its not what I whould have chosen if I could had more options. I'm an old house girl and this 60s generic house is "blah" to me. We bought when the market was hot so here we are (for now).

So yesterday, I started painting the vanity/desk chair and stopped at primer. White just wasn't doing it and I stopped to think and moved on to something else. Below is our side door and storage room. This is the door we always use since its right off our carport. The front door is mainly used for guests.

Here's a tragic story. See the green wreath? I used to have one for each door. Last year, a bird decided to make a nest in the wreath on the storage room door. I thought it was sweet and exciting that we'd have baby birds. We tried to leave them alone, but every time we drove into the carport or opened the side door, mom flew off. Long story short, mom got tired of us and eventually abandoned the nest. I was so sad. Mr. T said - no more wreaths! They're just too inviting for the birds.

Yesterday, I made this shell wreath. I actually had planned to hang it inside, but then I realized there was nowhere for a bird to snuggle and hide so I decided to give it one more shot. (And, now I realize the door needs touching up after the damage the birds left.) If I find the time, I'll make another for the side door.

And, after that project, I decided on the desk color. Green it is!


  1. Your gardens look great. I love a wreath on a black door!

  2. Love the beautiful landscaping. YOur home is lovely. So sorry about the birds, the wreaths are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thanks for showing us where you hang your hat. It's alwyas fun to see...
    Oh and love the butter/yellow color. To me it says come on in!

  4. I just love that seashell wreath! I have a heart shaped one hanging in our beachy bathroom.

  5. Your garden is lovely. And that wreath is amazing.

    There is a house similar to yours in my neighborhood that underwent a stunning transformation - and fairly simple. It's now very Craftsman looking. Next time I have my camera outside, I'll snap a pic and sent it to you!

  6. THANK YOU for the story of your amazing home. I love both wreaths you made...I think a door looks naked without a wreath.
    Your yard and home are very lovely....your home is the love that is inside of it and you have put a lot of love in the nursery.

  7. I love your wreath too. It has that wonderful "summery" feel about it. The homes on your track look so much like the houses that are right next door to our neighborhood (in N.VA). Your garden looks great!

  8. I think you've done a wonderful job making your home adapt to you. I love the wreath you made! What is your base? It looks wonderful!

  9. Hi Robin,
    The base of the wreath was just a wreath form I got at the $1 store.


  10. well, I love what you have done, I would really have liked to have inherited shutters, never mind..oh and the front door and the shell wreath are stunning, i'd like to get round to making one of those

    thanks for popping by my place


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