Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"New" Milk Glass

I keep forgetting to post these. My mom got me a milk glass lamp at an antique store for Mother's Day. I ended up putting it in my Happy Girl's room and its just perfect there.

I ended up finding another slightly different one at my favorite thrift store.

I like the shape of the bottom. It would be a nice little spot to hold jewelery when you take it off at night.

The metal parts aren't in the best shape so I'll have to either refinish or replace them someday when I have time to rewire the lamp.

I got a couple of new milk glass pieces over the weekend to add to my collection. This candy dish ...

And a sweet little bud vase for only $.69.

I've been looking for 2 corner cabinets ... 1 for our half bath and one for my dining room to hold milk glass. I found one over the weekend for $79. Its green with the inside painted a sponged green and cranberry colored faux-finish but my dad is stripping it for me and I'm crossing my fingers he will paint it white for me! I'm going to buy some glass knobs for it as well. I don't have pictures to share because it was too big for me to get home, but hopefully it will arrive soon along with the french desk and dress form I also picked up!


  1. Loving that candy dish.

    I'd leave the metal as is...add's to the charm :)

  2. Suzy, You're right ... I guess I never thought of it that way. One less project for me! ;-)

  3. Melanie,
    I used to paint the metal white and it looks great. Not I leave it alone, and I find I like the character and charm. You are right one less project. Sandi

  4. I love all your pretty milkglass :) I recently bought a chandelier with milkglass globes. I heart it so much!

  5. It looks just great! I just love Milk glass too.
    Funny to find a Rosery in yours, mine has one too. France
    Passion of Milkglass, collecting


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