Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Birdcage

So remember my under $3 birdcage from my fabulous thrift store visit?

Looks a lot better than this, no? I know this is just decorative, but what poor bird could be happy in such a cheerless box?

The Wild One was certainly happy with how it turned out and insisted on a picture.She was a great little helper filling the also acquired thrift store milk glass with shells. Perhaps I'm inadvertently training her to be an assistant and companion for thrifting. ;-)

How great is that color? This brand is currently my favorite too. Its Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Aqua. I always use spray primer (same brand) but the coverage of this paint is fantastic. (No they haven't paid me to say that!) I used the same paint in Spa Blue for my kitchen chairs. I had to rearrange things from the picture above to account for little fingers.

I thought about making the birdcage a little chandelier for my crafting space but it would have been in the way of the bins. I couldn't find another spot where its small size would look good, so I decided against it.

And, I'm actually not done with it. I was so excited to use this spray paint especially when I saw the color on something other than the spray paint cap. This should have been quick and simple but as I painted, something went wrong with the can and the paint was barely coming out. I tried everything including soaking the cap in mineral spirits like the can suggested, but no go. The can was a dud. I managed to cover the birdcage as much as I could with the defective paint can, but it needs another coat. After Mr. T got home, I moved his car and snuck out of the house before the girls could see me leave only to run into a ridicuous traffic jam just on the main street. Accident or something too far down to see. I gave up and came home. So much effort to go out, but it was not meant to be. I had some issues with the thrift store tray (need some screws) but that post is going to have to wait until I can escape again.

Its DIY day at A Soft Place to Land! I'm off to take a peek at all the other projects.


  1. O , I lovur it now ! Great color and your little girl is precious !
    HUgs ~ Kammy

  2. Love it!! looks so bright and cheery! I've had that problem with new spray paint cans frustrating!

  3. How cute is that! Love the blue! How fun to see the Target birdies enjoying their new home!...Debbie

  4. Love that color! I still have a can of spray paint where the spray top totally broke off!


  5. Its so cheerful.

    Come by for my GIVE-A-WAY this week by 10 pm Fri.
    and then check out our newest addition.


  6. Lovely in blue.

    I also love you new bedding. Dreamy!

  7. I love your new birdcage - it wasn't bad in black but is fab in that blue!! Your little girl is a cutie-patootie!! Love those curls - my girls were blond curls when she was little - now it is ALWAYS a ponytail!

    And your bedding - love it. Love white bedding - have some myself.

    Happy Thursday -

  8. Love that blue! And your little thrifting assistant is adorable!

  9. That is such a pretty aqua! I use Rustoleum, too and it works great. Thanks for sharing!


  10. purty! i was about to put an old cage in my yardsale. definitely rethinking that!

  11. Isn't that always the way it goes with the simplest project....they can turn into a pain! Love the blue color, it looks great with just one coat!

  12. Looks awesome! Love it and love that blue!!

  13. Hi Melanie! Sooo adorable!!! and the bird cage is cute too! (your daughter reminds me so much of mine when she was her age!!tear!)lol I tried that paint and I like it too! I'm loving the blue pops around your home!! Have a fun weekend - Sincerely Jeannette

  14. It looks great. What a wonderful job...and wonderful little assistant helping you! She looks like a little joy full of fun!

  15. I might have to use your color on mine! LOVE IT! One suggestion, don't get mad....your little birdies are crying out to be colored too.


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