Monday, July 6, 2009

More on my Parents Dining Room

This isn't my home, but I've always wanted to share it. You saw the corner cabinet my dad refinished for me yesterday (that I WILL be getting back!).

My parents bought their small home in Delaware recently. I love that they're closer to me now and my girls love going there. I have to admit that treasure hunting there is pretty fun too! Anyway, this is my parents dining room shortly after they moved in. I helped them pick out the chandelier and it lived with me for a while until they moved into their house so I got to admire it often. My mom loves English made blue and white dishes so I picked out the toile curtains for her. However, the dining room set needed help. Its not very evident here, but the pieces are very soft pine and both the tabletop and the hutch were in terrible shape with a ton of deep scratches to the surfaces. I finally convinced them to paint it after showing them pictures of how these things can look new simply by painting.

Look at it now! My dad worked so hard on this. Because of all the damage, he had a lot of sanding to do. (By the way, the shadows on the table are just that from the chandelier.) I saw those copper molds at a great junk store that we love to shop at and told mom that they would look great on their wall. They were originally intended for another location but ...

... after my parents found the horse, the location of the molds was changed for obvious reasons. I think it all looks great here. I told them to search for a horse because their development and all the streets there are horse names. They hunted for a while and finally found the copper one. Funny how the molds ended up being the perfect compliment! I also got mom quite a few of those dishes for Mother's Day (etsy!), but couldn't post them on my blog because I didn't want her to see them! (Sorry for the blurry picture. I meant to take a better shot before I left but I forgot.)

There's also a little breakfast area on the other side of the kitchen with the same curtains and a bench purchased at an antique store made from an old bed. My grandmother made the cushion.

So, as you can see, I inherited the painting gene from my dad and the treasure hunting gene from my mom!


  1. Paint makes a huge difference! It looks lovely.

  2. I love it!!
    As you know I love blue and white!
    WOW!! So they did find the horse!!! LOVE IT!!
    I love everything in your parent's dining room!
    YES, you are definitely right! I see where you inherited your painting skills and treasure hunting gene!! hahaha~~
    Oh! I also love your corner cabinet!
    What a great transformation!!

  3. The dining room look awesome. Love the furniture painted white, and the cutains and blue and white dishes are just perfect. The bench is wonderful. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  4. Everything looks levely and the copper horse weathervane looks great up on the hutch - great job to you and your folks!

  5. The "new" dining room looks so lovely!

  6. Their dining room looks so great! That furniture looks like new and the white looks so beautiful with the blue and white toile and dishes! Good job!


  7. don't you love the power of paint...thanks for stopping by my blog and I agree with you on that tablecloth...divine.

  8. I love the fabric - I'm a big fan of toile, especially in blue.

    I just found your blog today and I love the picture you have at the top of it, it's beautiful.

  9. Oh how I wish I knew how to paint! Great job! :)

    Susan @

  10. Your dad did a great job on those pieces!

  11. Oh I LOVE their dining room! I collect blue and white plates AND I LOVE blue and white toile. But MY dad gets hives when he sees me painting wood!


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