Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A couple of finds ...

Today on my way home from work, I made a stop at Michaels. They already have all their fall stuff out so all the spring/summer things were on sale. While I was there though, I came across a roll of burlap. Who knew the stuff came in rolls? Well, I had made a second larger shell wreath to accompany the first I'd made and thought it looked plain so this is what became of the burlap once I got it home.

Back to the sale though ... I had looked at a bunch of pitchers they had a few times over the past few months but always passed them up. I found this one for $6. Once I was at the check-out, I noticed a scuff mark on it so I told the woman that I didn't want it. She offered a further discount! I took another look at the scuff mark and thought I could remove it so I got it for $4. Sure enough, the mark came off. I got some flowers (poorly arranged because they were falling apart after I got them!) to fill it with on my trip to pick up dinner.

Tomorrow, I'll share a few little things I picked up in Delaware last weekend.


  1. I didn't know that burlap came in rolls either. Love it. The wreath is just gorgeous. I also LOVE the pitcher. I guess I need to make a trip to Michaels. Your finds are just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I stopped at M's last week and got a pitcher very similiar to your's for 60% off!!

    Love your wreath and the burlap just makes it look that much more beachier - who knew!!

    Great finds -

  3. The burlap ribbon looks fabulous on your wreath. I did know about this little secret
    ; ) and have a couple of posts on the blog where I used it. I found it in back in the fall while looking for a Styrofoam cone. Fantastic stuff and it isn't very expensive which makes it even better.

    Your father did a beautiful job with the furniture. Looks like a completely different room bathed in white and blue. The chandy is lovely too. Very pretty room.

  4. Love the pitcher and the little birds that are with it.

    Barbara jean

  5. I love that burlap that you added to the wreath. It's the perfect touch! I saw that pitcher at Michael's too and loved it. But it was too pricey. I may have to go back and see if it is on sale. Thanks for the "head's up"!

  6. Love the burlap on you're shell wreath. I have been looking for a roll of it - but hadn't checked Michael's yet. Guess where I'm heading tomorrow? Thanks for the tip! The pitcher and little birdies are so cute too - I have something similar. Great minds = same tastes. :)


  7. I have the same pitcher - nice to know I might start being on the same page as you!

  8. Love your shell wreath and the burlap makes it look even more chic! And the pitcher is so cute - I love discounts!

  9. I love the way you've incorporated the two together

    "Absolutely Delightful"



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